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Use of Uiiverse

By accessing Uiiverse, you agree not to do anything that could interfere with the operation of our services or prevent others from using and enjoying them.

Legal info

© 2019 Uiiverse. Uiiverse is a clone of Nintendo and Hatena's Miiverse. We aren't associated with either of those companies, and they deserve your business. Miiverse is a trademark of Nintendo, Co., Ltd.

Illegal content

Anything, and we do mean anything that violates national laws and regulations is strictly prohibited. Discussing criminal activity is a federal offense and can be considered illegal.

Additionally, if someone does happen to violate the law, we'll closely work with officials on the case. Minors do use this site and they are very impressionable.

How do I use Uiiverse?

To access Uiiverse, you have to create an account from your web browser.
For that, you need to provide a username, a password and a public name.
Also, you can provide a Nintendo Network ID to import an avatar (also known as a Mii).
After that, you can access from our supported platforms.

Important information about the Code of Conduct

Users are bound by the Uiiverse Code of Conduct.
It is highly recommended that you read the Code of Conduct before creating an account on the service, as you will be able to understand how the site is operated. If you break the rules, then you'll be restricted from using the site for a certain period of time. These periods can last between an hour and two weeks.

Uiiverse Code of Conduct


You agree to not take any action that infringes or violates the rights of a third party or otherwise violates the law.